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Are 2 vaginas 1 too many? (or how it’s a good idea to c(o)unt)

Yo yo yo, what up daaaawgggs? It’s all up here in ma hood – no surprises on dat one!

So it’s been a while since I was up in yo hood… I’d love to say the reason for ma absence is that I’ve been busy with ma 2 vaginas. That would, however, be an epic, phaaat lie… and yo know how I’d hate to lie to yo babay! Turns out ima one of the unfortunate few, who’s only blessed with 1. Perhaps this is why I’m not a YouTube star?

The question “why am I not a YouTube star” is actually a good one. And, in fact, a question I’ve been spendin’ lotsa time pondering about lately.


There are quite a few potential reasons for this, and as I was bending myself and ma single vagina over, around, and hell, even backwards, trying to figure it out, I ended up asking maself, “is it because I only have 1 vagina?” And then, I finally saw the light! Yeyo, it’s done. Dusted. Settled – Deal. Naturally ma lack of YouTube stardom is due to ma lack of multiple vaginas! Big DUH on dat one! Tis indeed nice to finally have an answer to this injustice…

… there are however a bunch of YouTube stars out there, some of, blessed with 2 vaginas and all. One of them is the lovely, 2-vaginal woman Cassandra Bankson. Cassandra suffers from the condition Uterus didelphys, which affects a massive 0.1-0.5% of women.

Compare these impressive numbers with men’s equivalent, Diphallia – outta all the men in da whole wide world, there are only 0.0000001% of ‘em blessed with 2 penises! (see what I did there, said women suffer and men are blessed – just testin’ to see if yo got yo feminism ON!). So ya, cunting numbers and all, this is clearly not a good example of the saying “too many dicks on the dancefloor”.

Anyhoo, go watch the vid, and listen to Cassandra’s story – EDUCATE YOSELF FFS – it’s not all fun and games to have 2 vaginas!

As for us, ma ultra-exciting life and I are happy with the one we’ve got, gotta go and make the most outta it now! Stay tuned mofos…!!!

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Something white & sticky all ova ma face (or how us single girls entertain ourselves on a Monday nite)

YES. I did a facial tonight. It felt good. Not good in the way the title of today’s post may suggest, but still good. And now ma face is ultra smooth. Clean, soft, fresh and the opposite to dry. Clean and dry and white is apparently how our intimate parts are supposed to be these days though. Read this article today, and watched the vid. What can I say… FUCKED UP. Leave our cunts alone. Literally. Pretty full on, harsh words, but seriously – WTF? This sorta shit just makes me tired, which in this instance is good, cause I need to sleep, but still. This is just absurd, and I really do hope all the lovely ladies out there, especially the ones who are the target market for this campaign, don’t buy into this absolute massive epic BS galore.

Not much more to add to this. On a good note; Ima gonna go to bed in clean sheets tonite, which is gonna feel great on ma, soon to be black skin… that’s right mothafuckas! I’m going overseas next week! My life is indeed ultra-exciting. Stay tuned…!!!!!

Oh, and here’s the article… http://jezebel.com/5900928/your-vagina-isnt-just-too-big-too-floppy-and-too-hairyits-also-too-brown (don’t wanna promote it TOO much, cause it’s way betta than ma blog, and that shit hurts).

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