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Return of da ellaG (or how I will never smoke weed through ma pxxxy)

cooooooool yo.

cool yo.

Soooooooooooo, what up peeps? It’s mos def been a bit of what some would call a while. But that’s no wokkas. I can, and will, explain it all. What happened was, it got massively ultra-dark here in ma hood, and I did this test on FB, “what animal are you?”. Turned out I wazza bear. Shortly after that I went straight into hibernation. Natural thang to do when yo is a bear, duhhhh. Kinda felt good, since I don’t sleep all that much for some, or most, of da time.

Either way, woke up at some point, to: “Welcome to the year of the whores. People around the globe celebrate.

I don’t think I need to explain ma lil’ gangsta ass much, when I admit I went right, and straight back into hibernation. Felt pretty good. Let’s face it peeps, ima no whore, ima muttafucking gangsta bear. Word.

Anyhoo, at some point I did wake up again, it was a very strange smell, still, to this day, I cannot say if it was good or bad. Deffo some good vibes to it, so ya, this smell, and the way it made me feel… Strange combo, but hey, kinda got me goin’, to say the least.

Then life went on, as ya’ll know it’s A supa-ultra-exciting-times-life fo this lil’ gangsta allova time. so ya. For a bit I guess I forgot who I was until…. wait for it… I heard ma song! Yeyo, true story, woke up somewhere, somehow… and heard this – ellagangstaisdamothafuckengaloregangstaofalltimes – So, consider yoself to be a lil’ bit in luck to experience the return of this G.

As yo can see, ima lookin’ mo G than eva… lotsa filters to explore ma gangstaness – ma personal favs are the “food”one, and also the “pirate”one… cray cray pirates FTW me reckons. If yo ass guesses right on which those 2’s are, you will get to smoke some serious shit with me (not like the “this smell” link, that shit is nAstay).

Anyhoo, sharing is caring, and I care a lot boutcha’ll, so ima back with a vengeance, or blog, or whatevz, (same shit, difoo wööörd), to share ma shit whithca all, ultra exciting life as always. Do ya self a favour, and STAY TUNED. (NO MO HIBERNATION BS FTWWW. wööööörd on dat one.)



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Goodbye my almost lover

Today I said goodbye to my almost lover. It was very sad.

I’ve attached a video to describe this sad feeling I now carry inside me – inside me is if course not a place my almost lover ever went technically. That would naturally defeat the whole purpose of even using this expression. But figuratively speaking he most certainly did. Quite deep too I must add.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term my almost lover, let me explain: My almost lover is someone who you feel as if they were your lover, minus the sexual intercourse aspect, (there is a very famous song made, where the singer unfortunately did an epic fail action when using this term, and left out the most important word in the equation and simply sang “goodbye my lover”. I feel deeply sorry for him, whose name I won’t mention out of respect) . You can of course spoon my almost lover, but it’s the sort of spooning when the female tends to be the big spoon… (For very obvious reasons).

In the hood we sometimes call my almost lover a brotha from anotha motha. This means that someone is like a brother to you, but that you are in fact not related by blood. You don’t have the same mother, or even the same stepmother. It actually has nothing to do with your, or his mother. You just feel a very strong bond to the person in question. Now, I’m of course not saying that brothers are like lovers, cause that’d be groco, and also insectious, to say the least. But brothas from anotha motha could mos def fall into this category. Let’s leave it at they kinda live in a symbiosis in a very abstract, yet beautiful way. Anyways, my almost lover is gone. Now I will watch the video one more time, while I cry myself to sleep. I still have an ultra exciting life. Stay tuned.

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