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Good girls go to heaven (Ima goin’ to Copenhagen)

So, lots goin’ on as per usual. Today I mixed biz with pleasure when I entertained a gangsta client, while putting raw fish items in ma mouth, felt good. More pleasure than biz I must admit.

Tomorrow I wanna go to Copenhagen, doesn’t necessarily make me a bad girl, but yep, that’s what I’m doin. Gonna party it up bt, lookin’ forward to acting like a proper gangsta in Kristiania with ma homies. We’re gonna be in HIGH spirits nd.

Bit of an outrage in good’ol Aussie town too. Pretty scary what’s been happenin’ there of late… Latest is High Court throws out ACT’s same-sex marriage laws!!

Yep. Pretty fucked. One of ma mates asked a more than semi-valid question today, when he said “what happens if one of the people in the couple have a sex change”? I rest ma case. Who gives a fuck.? REALLY? WELL, CLEARLY THE high COURT DOES. FUCKED. UP. Gonna move on from this one now… toooo disturbing.

What about tonite you may wonder? I don’t blame you. Can’t imagine what it’d be like not to be me. Fucking boring I presume… So ya, thank fuck I don’t have to worry bout that one. Tonite I raced home AW and supa-quickly packed for the ultra-early trip tomoz. Then I headed out to a party in anotha hood, lotsa homies, music, some coolio homie-rappers and massive illegal shit in general. Some good times fo sho. And now Ima goin’ to bed with a homie who insists on bein’ mentioned in ma blog. Anotha broe, from anotha hoe, basically. Need to get into that bed right bout now.

Also, got a new nick-name in ma office hood;PPC HOE. Kinda like it cause it makes me sound like a real PRO. Word on that one mf’s. Ultra exciting life keeps on rollin’. Stay tuned.

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I like big boobs and I cannot lie (or how golden horses aren’t always appropriate)

I like big boobs and I cannot lie (or how golden horses aren't always appropriate)

Yo! So ya, big boobs are cool. And I’m right now in a coolio kinda period when I’m receiving a private text each day. Consisting of a great boob shot. Yup. That’s sorta how I roll. Have a bit of a challenge going with one of ma fav G’s. We’re basically competing in who has the biggest boobs. She has a massive advantage given to her by nature. I’m tots OD’ing on hormones to try and beat her. Not doing much, but fucking up ma mood, to be honest. Anyhoo, the only thing calming ma hormones down at da mo is THAT daily image… and to be fair, I’d probs look stupid with huge tits, so think Ima gonna go off the hormones as of tomoz. Just leave ma mood and ma tits alone kinda thing.

On a diffo note I read something utterly ridiculous today, so stupid I cannot believe it’s true. But apparently it is. It’s sort of a modern day Robin Hood scenario, but reversed. Basically the UK’s *PM is saying they need to make cuts, financial cuts, which will affect the public sector. Which sucks. But that’s not the worst part of it. He’s presenting this so called “permanent austerity” surrounded by gold. Never mind the golden throne, he had to put a fucking golden horse in the image to top it off. SERIOUSLY DUDE – WTF??? #flabbergastedtosaytheleast

*David Cameron is the young son of Mary Fleur and a stockbroker called Donald Cameron. Young David was very early on diagnosed by a very unusual disease, involving an unhealthy obsession with gold, in combination with the lack of common decency. Sadly, (clearly), he never quite recovered from his childhood condition.

Either way, I spent my nite having dinner with one of ma fav G’s and a thoroughly inspirational man. It was amazing. Yup. Ma ultra-exciting life keeps on keeping on. Stay tuned.

(oh, and here’s the “golden article” – enjoy, hope you’ll laugh more than you’ll vomit, while reading this groconess galore).

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