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Yo is naked in ma face (or how ima already practicing new skillzzz in da new year)


So, ima already on like 72+ h’s of da NY, and clearly dat means alot has happened… can’t really go into details of too many things, since it’s pretty late, and let’s face it, this gangsta’s gotta work fo da dolla dolla bill y’all,¬†early as… but one thing i’ve started already this year is learning ma sweet ass some cool ass skillzzzzz. One of da first one being da one ima gonna explain to yo in this lil’ blog post, (yep, ima fast learner, no surprises there, but figured this was da most news-worthy one, outta all da skillzzz ive already added to ma very skillfull self this year). So yup, here we go: I see things. Always have, always will. I’m so fucking special like dat. So thought about it, and kinda felt it’d be a good idea to see what i wanna see. Thought bout it some more. Very thoughtful process i must add. Ima also a very thoughtful gangsta creature, as it turns out. Then I just thought what da most coolest, most pure thing would be. I thought of things such as love, birth etc. Heureka mo galore happened. So yep. Practiced fo bout 3 hours and 77 mins. And now I see yo white ass, just as yo was born. Quite literally. Yep. I see yo skin. I have the skillz of seein’ naked peeps. I can already reveal, just like anything else, it’s both a blessin’ and a curse. But hey, that’s life. And ma one happens to be ultra-exciting. 2014 is gonna be a loooooong year flyin’ by. Don’t forget to click on da ellagangstaextension – just as yo should never forget I see yo. Naked. Stay tuned.

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