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How I know whatcha lazy hungover ass will be doin’ tomoz (or how ima already predictin’ & postin’ like a 2015 pro)


Yo yo yooooooo – Merry fuckin’ New Year to all gangstas out there! Ima currently havin’ a blast at ma fav bar in Stockers, with some of ma fav peeps in da whole wide hoooood! Bar is shut, so we quite literally OWN this shit fo 1 nite ONLY!!!

So ya, bein’ an optimizin’ gangsta I reckon yo’ll will be more of in a receivin’ mode tomoz while on da couch stuffin’ yo hungover face with pizza…!!!!

Have a blast tonite & consider yo ass lucky yo got ma ultra-gangsta-supa-psycho-psychic predictions to look forward to tomoz!

Ma ultra-excitin’ life is peakin’ rite bout now, stay tuned and I’ll see yo in, what will be, the best year eva eva eva eva!!!!!!!

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