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How to fuck (or how I’ve been keepin’ busy lately…)


Yo yo yo yo – or should I say hoe hoe hoe hoe!?!?!? Tis’ indeed dat time of da season!

So ya, hope yo asses have been havin’ a very Merry fuckin’ X-mas so far – naturally mine’s been an incredible blast!!!! Been to a few hoods, seen some OG’s dat I love, and yep, just keepin’ it real basically.

In da midst of all da Chrissie craze I somehow managed to read up a bit ’bout how to be a good fucker… didn’t really think I needed it, just wanted to confirm what I already knew;

Yeyo, bein’ yo everyday OG ima naturally a very good fucker, now surprises there if I may say so maself. I always tend to sweat wine and scream ultra loud, (amongst other good-fucker-actions-and-traits), while at it… so there yo go: ellagangsta is a real good fucker.

If yo ass feels da need to do that double-check and read up on it too – go ahead, there’s mos def some killer advice in dis particular article!

Also, yo may have noticed da ultra gangsta beanie ima rockin’ in da gangsta pic of da day. Yep, ellagangsta is now officially an OG LFC-gangsta. If yo didn’t know, it’s da coolest gangsta 1 can be.

I’d like to take cred fo dis one maself… but big shoutouts gotsa go OUT. It was 2 of ma fav gangstas who gave it to me during our galore X-mas celebrations yesterday, thank yo asses very muchly Agge & Danne.

Gotta run to a  party now, ultra-exciting-life just keeps on happenin’ and happenin’ – don’t know how to stop it – and why would I wanna???? Stay tuned, 2015’s ellagangsta predictions are just around da corner…!!!!

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Today my boss told me he’s in love with me.

This is absolutely not true. For one, it’s Sunday, and I would normally never have any contact with him on Sundays. And thing is, even if it was a Monday today, chances of him declaring his love to me are slim to none, considering he’s happily Swedishly-married, AKA sambo, to a girl he seems to be very much in love with (*sambo is Swedish for living like a married couple and everything that involves, but not wearing a ring. This can be very confusing in the pub sometimes when someone is really cute and seemingly interesting/interested and NOT wearing a ring. One could easily assume they are single. But quite often it turns out they are sambo with someone). Anyways, I pretty much wrote this header to get your attention. Glad it worked. Now I’m off to eat brunch with people I love. I have an ultra-exciting life. Stay tuned.

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