Bloggin’ in bed again (or how I’m so wet right now)


So, had an awesome nite tonite. No surprises there really. But ya, hung out with some cool peeps in their new state of da art office. Some good times fo sho. In Stockers, us gangstas in da online/techie world are pretty lucky. So lucky. We love our jobs, so much, we’re no strangers to working late. Or just simply hangin’ it OUT in our office spaces. And visiting each others office spaces. To hang. Best clubs pretty much. Tonite was extra good but, met some Odd peeps, but that’s how I like it! Howeva, when we left da amazing office space it was raining. So I got ultra wet. In all da wrong ways. Stockers winter galore.

But yes, dried up now, and happily tucked in, in da hood, in da ultra cosy bed-cupboard. Storytellin’ time!

So on Sunday I was invited to a very intimate luncheon with some very intimate peeps from one of ma hoods. We practiced intimacy and conversed in a very adult, intimate, non-gangsta fashion, over some wine, carrots, cake and some more cake, (oh, and we also intimately shared a weird ass, huge Italiano tuna meatball – felt good in ma mouth). It was some good times fo sho. Albeit a very intimate crowd, there was still a few nationalities ‘round our table, (sorry, not claiming da table, clearly it belongs to da German broad who was hostin’ the intimate luncheon event), and of course we have da Swedish connection in common, bein’ in Sweden-town and all. So ya, myself, and two other bright lil’ gangstas was standin’ outside, smokin’ some shit, when something amazin’ happened.

We were discussing lingo, and how we use alotta words wrong, (yup, I get it’s kinda provocative how I bring this up in THIS blog, but whatevz, just keepin’ it REAL). Anyways, we spoke about how Alanis Morissette is bein’ (properly) accused for creatin’ an epidemic of wrongly usage of the word ironic (rain on yo wedding day is NOT ironic, unfortunate perhaps, but mos def not ironic).  Anyhoo, here is where we kinda came upon something quite revolutionary, (YES):

In Sweden there is a word/expression/sayin’/way of life called “lagom”. So far, I’ve never come across anyone who could translate this word in a proper fashion. Until now. Basically we were sayin’ how yo can say overwhelmed and underwhelmed. And then one of ma homies said how someone had questioned whether you could just say “Whelmed”….? HUGE EUREKA mo for us all right there. “Whelmed” is right in between, not too much, not too little, just enough – it just is exactly like “lagom”. So ya, pretty huge mo for all of us, and also for any mankind who, at some point, finds themselves in Sweden/has any Swedish relations, (or just anyone who’s just bored/experiencing lack of substance in their everyday life). So ma gift to yo today is some perfect examples on how to use the new it-word – I introduce to ya’ll, the first part of ellagangsta’s Whelmed-Dictionary;

“How much soup would you like Miss? “ “Hmmmm, just gimme a whelmish amount”

“Woah, that shit just whelmed me. I don’t feel much.”

“How are you doin’ today!” “Cool yo, pretty whelmed to be honest”

“How would you like your steak bro?” “I’d like it whelmed, thank you.”

“How much milk do you want in yo coffee?” “Just a whelm, please.”

“OMFG!!! You guys did it!!! What was it like???” “Ya, bout that one… it was… hmmm what’s the word? Not bad, didn’t exactly blow me away. It was just… whelm. Yup, I was whelmed pretty much”

“Well done, know you have a lotta shit to deal with right now, but still, so proud of you!!!” “Yeah, I know… nah, it’s cool. Just feeling quite whelmed bout it all basically”

Ma ultra-exciting life is far from whelmish. Stay tuned party peeps.

(woah, and I attached another, not so whelmish pic… don’t wanna be on repeat more than I already am.. but fuck, lovin’ these photos oh so much right now).

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One thought on “Bloggin’ in bed again (or how I’m so wet right now)

  1. doddkt says:

    Whelmed – genious! Who would have thought?!

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