What I did last night (or how social experiments are the sauce)


ellagangstaextensions FTWWW

So ya, as I’m sure ya’ll noticed I did not blog last nite. Kinda big thang, I know. Anyways, I simply cannot talk bout what I actually did last nite. One of those… usually ima kinda open with it all. Literally. But ya, last nite shall not be discussed. Neither heard nor seen type of scenario. I like it, to be honest, gives me that mysterious edge I’ve yearned for all my life. But I will give you something though, a few things actually. In points, to keep it shortish, and to da point, (the point also being something rather mysterious. Yup, that’s right, the point and I walk the same mysterious path tonite).

1. Went to something called 5×5 tonite, it’s a “meeting point for tomoz’ culture”.. yup. Good times. One thing though, this one dude was talking (format is 5 peeps who’re ( 😉 ) inspirational/have achieved stuff talk for 5 mins each etc etc… 5×5 go figure kinda thang. Duh). Anyhoo, he was talking bout how he started all these companies with another guy, and they’d never met, or even spoken on the phone, till like ages after they started/achieved all these things. All they did was just texting. EPIC CRINGE. I really felt sick listening to this shit. Sure they’ve done well, entrepreneurs galore, great success times a trillion… on and on it goes. Well done. But hey, no human interaction beyond the screens of their mobile phones – sorry, SMART PHONES – holy crap! I usually call someone after a couple of texts, cause I just can’t bear it… and then he went on to promote this company culture where they basically never see each other, they just text. Not sure where I’m going with this one. I just wanted to put it out there. Outta all da peeps I love in da world, I always try my hardest to be face to face with as many of them as I can, as often as I can. I go outta ma way all of the time, cause I think it’s supa-important, and it makes me happy. And I find it scary that someone promotes robot, secluded, non-in-yo-face-interactive behaviour as a success story FTWWW. FULL STOP. Human interactions for the win I say.

2. What else. WTF happened to Kanye? Good question right there. Please click on the ellagangstaextensions for one, of many, examples of this man’s public downfall. Laugh or cry? It’s a free world -the choice is yours.

3. Social experiments? Just putting it out there. Is it the way forward? In context with above rant, experimenting with human subjects, and investigating a dude/dudette, or groups of ‘em, evaluating, interacting, observing etc is perhaps what we must turn to. We need to do something me thinks. Before we all become 5×5 robots kinda thang. In-yo-face-social is perhaps the new SOCIAL. Kinda how offline dating should be the new black.

4. Guess the sauce! Yup, look at da image and guess the sauce, or should I say the sauces. It’s a fun, innocent, exciting, social and interactive game – ma gift to you! (if you do guess, and get each sauce right, you’ll get a very special prize involving maself and lotsa sauce, ultra-interactive style. If that groces you out I don’t blame you, and we will organize for a more sanitary prize of yo choice!).

5. I’m tired. Goodnite party peeps. Ma life is, not only ultra-SOCIAL, but also ultra-exciting. Stay tuned.

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