How to put the V into da I and da P (or why I’m too high to go to sleep)

How to put the V into da I and da P (or why I’m too high to go to sleep)

So, on our last nite, in what we now refer to as “da Kesh”, we went OUT to a club, where a sista from anotha mista used to work (sista from anotha mista is similar to something I’ve described in an earlier post. You just replace brotha with sista, and motha with mista. If you don’t quite get it, I suggest you re-read – naturally assuming yo non-lazy ass already read it – the post I’m referring to, it’s called “Goodbye my almost lover”, and it’s really good). Anyhoo, out we went, and naturally we had a blast. Since my almost lover G used to work there, they took really good care of our harem and us, and we enjoyed some serious VIP boozing and met some new homies. Good times fo sho.

Had a pretty coolio last day too, and managed to find a dealer who sold us our drug of choice, (bein’ da most gangsta of ’em all; sweets/lollies/candy), so we were pretty set when we headed on over back to Stockers… however, by the end of da flight, we’re all feeling ultra-sick, due to our riddicko consumption of lollies, and now I’m so high from all the sugar and cannot sleep. Epic fail indeed. BUT, it did taste pretty good, so c’est la vie on dat one.

Anyhoo, back in Stockers now, very much a short’n sweet sorta trip-thang to do, but we mos deffo had a blast, so all good in da hood right now. Will have to go back to take care of ma husbands pretty soon, can’t wait fo da youngest one to grow up, and be the man I know he already is, (yup, his mos def ma fav hubbie at da mo). Infinite ultra-exciting life galore. Stay tuned.

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