Hoes and holes (or how Ima wearing ma Sunday pants ON)

So, today is Sunday, and it’s been all about doin’ ma laundry… I’m known for bein’ a bit of a laundry-freak, and in Sweden it’s indeed a heated subject, since we use shared laundry rooms in our lil’ hoods… there is a lot to say about Swedes and their laundry, there are books, sites, blogs – you name it (clearly we do have a life here in good ol’ Sweden town…) Unfortunately the literature written about the dramas in our laundry room, (“tvättstuga”, as it’s called in Swedish), is yet to be translated into your language. Very strange it hasn’t been done, clearly there has a been a huge demand, from all parts of the world, for it to happen for a while. But ya, no great success as of yet.

Basically, the laundry room is an extremely aggressive, and sometimes dangerous place to be in. It’s deffo da most shady place in every hood. A lot of peeps put a lot of focus and effort into making sure that everyone follow the RULES  of the tvättstuga. At times it can seem as if their main focus in life, is to make sure no one steps out of line, and god forbid, forgets to, for example, clean the dryer filter, take the dog hair outta the washing machine or take up ten minutes of someone else’s time… bro, yo is in deep shit if yo even think ‘bout pulling any one of those moves…! In most places it’s also pretty hard to actually get a slot, which results in Swedes putting their precious lil’ laundry time before life. It’s like, hey, let’s do something, let’s have some FUN!?! And they’ll be like, NO FUN. Yup, that pretty much sums it up, (yes, this is true, I currently live in a country where laundry times dictates when, or sometimes even if, we socialize, and socializing comes second to doin’ yo laundry).

Hmmm, that was a rather uplifting blog-post, if I may say so myself… kinda makes me think of black holes, (or rather, what they look like. Black holes are actually supa-interesting, they’re kinda parts of spacetime, where nothing can escape. A black hole is called a black hole, cause that’s what it appears to be, since it absorbs all light and reflects nothing, therefore there is just complete blackness, you can’t see anything – pretty fucking fascinating. But ya, I was more referring to it symbolically, if you don’t go into the deets of what a black hole is, they are perhaps not mega exciting, so guess that’s why above boring galoreness made me think of it. Classic “judging the book by its cover-scenario”. My bad).


On a good note, I must add that I got to wear ma Sunday pants today, it’s one of ma fav things bout Sundays, and it always makes me extra-happy! So all in all, a great success of a day. Ultra exciting-life FTWWW! Stay tuned.

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