Oooooops, I did it again (or how I married 9 Moroccan men in less than 24 hours)


So, naturally ma G’s and I are havin’ an absolute blast discovering Marrakech, gettin’ amongst an (open?) ratio of animals, scooters, bikes, men, fruits, oils, more bikes, cars and all sortsa galoreness. You name it – Marrakech’s got it!

Anyhoo, here’s a quick “so-far-status-update” for you to enjoy:

– I now have 9 Moroccan husbands (one of them bein’ the mere age of 16 years, but it’s ok, cause he said it’s legit)

– I’ve put several STREET food items in ma mouth, and let me share a lil’ secret with ya all – it felt good every time!

– I’m now the proud owner of three camels and one donkey, my aspirations are to acquire at least one horse before my departure (beautiful horses all ova town)

– Abdul, THE dude in our casa, likes to serve us brekkie in bed – very nice indeed

– Ma blonde, ultra-hawt G’s are receiving epic amounts of Moroccan love, (mos def no surprises there), and let me tell ya – they’re all ova it, like fuckin’ Santa on X-mas Eve

Lotsa more things goin’ on in our new hood, but gotta hit da streets, cause tonite we’re takin’ our harem outta party! Ultra-exciting life continues, as always… Stay tuned homies.

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