Epic party times galore (or how it can be utterly painful to spend time with da peeps yo love da mostest)


So yesterday one of ma favs at work did something ultra-sweet for me. He is a bit of an SEO nerd/expert (yes, ma professional life is nerd- HEAVEN), and he looked up a bunch of pages online based on da word “galore”. Turns out it was pretty much all ellagangsta. So I was touched, to say the least. Somehow ma gangsta galoreness is out there. Now, I’m kinda avoiding the, actually, rough/tough/hard (basically not gangsta) topic I’ve touched on in ma header (not the “ellagangsta.cool yo-header” – fuck, I love that one though. Man, I’m stalling bt. Holy crap, I really don’t wanna own up to writin’ bout this. But I will. Takin’ gangsta to da next level, or something rather).

So far my trip has consisted of extraordinary heavy, deep, existential, environmental, self righteous, self absorbed, personal, hardcore and racist convos (ok, feelin’ a bit sorry for maself here, perhaps not racist. Ok, NOT racist – but heya – some hardcore shit regardless). But ya, we’ve pretty much slaughtered each other, although the three of us are good peeps when it comes down to it. And we have similar values, views etc. Of course we express these shared values and believes in diffo ways. But FUCK, the combination of the world being fucked in a lotta ways, and our own need to be individual, special, have our say… You name it. It’s like being back in acting school again, apart from that this time I’m the worst one. Holy crap. Need to catch some zzz’s on this one… (OMG, did I just write that? Fucking hell. All time new low achieved anyone? Yup, check that one ploise). So ya, ma ultra-exciting life also comes with drama. Party. What did you expect. I’m fucking human after all. Stay tuned.

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