I was gonna write about anti-rape and Sacha Baron Cohen (or how Jawed is the most hilare guy eva)

I was gonna write about anti-rape and Sacha Baron Cohen (or how Jawed is the most hilare guy eva)

So yup, this is actually a true story. I was indeed gonna write about above mentioned items… however, there is ONE thing in this world that’s been creating some laughter actions within me, to the point where I laugh till I cry, every time I think of it. And this it IT: (are you ready for some hilare galore mf’s???).

But ya, ok. Jawed Karim, the American (THE) INTERNET entrepreneur of Bangladesh-German origin, a co-founder of YouTube, and also the individual who appears in da first YT vid (seriously no surprises there, BUT surprise is, he’s in da fucking zoo!!!), made a comment on his own vid – 8 years laters!!! CRAY CRAY indeed. And his comment is hilare. As you can see in da image I provided you with (as opposed to “not provided” = bad SEO joke, ma nerdiness is reaching obscure levels here, but it’s ok, cause at least I make ma self laugh on a daily basis) But ya, founder of YouTube, and I quote.. “Why the fuck do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?” If that is not humor on an advanced level I rest ma case. Probs a lie, I just cannot fathom how anyone could not find this absofuckinglutely hilarious.

Also, I saw a cute guy yesterday. He’s ultra-cool, travelling the world, seems to be supa-funny, smart, lil’ crazy and just easy-goin’/open. I really like him. How did we meet? I was tagged in some post about him discoverin’ Oman. So yeah, he’s havin’ a blast and I’m diggin’ it. Will I eva meet him? Fuck knows. I do real well with da boys. Clearly. But ya, good on him keepin’ it real and lookin’ extra-cute. RESPECT.

As always, I lead an ultra-exciting life. Gotta travel to a place I neva been to before tomoz – Västerås [vɛstərˈoːs] (it’s a town/city in “central Sweden”, close to some shore of something called Mälaren, bout 100 k’s from Stockers (AKA ma hood), anyhoo, good to visit other hoods as always. Ima probs a lil’ bit more pumped bout ma Morocco trip on Thursday, but hey, Västerås could possibly be ze SHIT). Either way, fact remains, ma life is ultra-exciting, and YOU should mos def stay tuned. MASSIVE word on dat one. BL = BIG love, AND I MEAN that.

(also, lil’ tip, if you do find yourself reading ma blog kinda semi-regurlarly, you should do yo’self a fav, and perhaps sometimes click on da photos to see where you’ll end up. May not be da hood yo is expecting…!)

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