How does the universe work (or what Morgan Freeman said)

So, even us gangstas ask ourselves big existential questions like this from time to time. It’s not all bout boats’n hoes in da hood. A hood life is still a life, and therefore this shit occasionally goes down in our heads. We also ponder about things such as how did we get here? How did we end up in da hood? Good questions. Indeed. But also. Truth be told. Sometimes it’s just easier to put something in yo mouth, something that makes yo gangsta ass think less bout these things. Slippery slope perhaps. But yup, kinda how it rolls. Anyhoo, turns out a bro can help us all OUT. Check out Morgan Freeman’s shit, it’s heavy, but it’s good. Ze shit, as ze Germans would say.

On a diffo note, I partied in a hospital yesterday. And also, this girl can RAP. LÖÖÖVES it. Peace OUT! I continue carrying on ma ultra-exciting life. Stay tuned.

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