Legs spread, it’s a party (or how examination time can be rather painful)

Legs spread, it's a party (or how examination time can be rather painful)

Yup, I’m the boy who cried wolf. But rather inconsistently wolfish crying. Kinda the opposite to what you see is what you get. Having a bit of a gangsta writers’ block tonite, cause ma dad’s here, and he doesn’t like ma gangsta talk… But attached the photo for a reason, so will somehow examine something semi-interesting, (I wish I was as committed to examination as these very serious ladies… but I’m tired. So only lame-ass semi-examinations tonight).

So yup. Guys approach me in weird ways. Which is pretty much the everyday life of every, everyday kinda girl. But it seems I get lottsa Skype retards, so let me give you an example: (sorry “Mezo”, but da mo you wrote to me in this fashion, you kinda put yourself in the spot).

“mezo: Hello! Please add me to your Contact list.

[13:38:12] mezo: omg real i like this you are good body and good face. can you add me plz . real iam good man and Handsome and dapper man and iam single man and Erotic man”

To be honest, Mezo was actually a refreshing touch, considering I’ve mostly been getting American war heroes of late… either way. Ima taking it as a HUGE compliment, assuming this Handsome, dapper and erotic man heard about ma good body and face via ma amazing blog, (surely you can see how ma face and body are the shit through ma writing – HAWT stuff!) Yup. That’s right peeps. Not only do I have a face and a body – I have ma blog, and an ultra-exciting life. Stay tuned.

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