Today my boss told me he’s in love with me.

This is absolutely not true. For one, it’s Sunday, and I would normally never have any contact with him on Sundays. And thing is, even if it was a Monday today, chances of him declaring his love to me are slim to none, considering he’s happily Swedishly-married, AKA sambo, to a girl he seems to be very much in love with (*sambo is Swedish for living like a married couple and everything that involves, but not wearing a ring. This can be very confusing in the pub sometimes when someone is really cute and seemingly interesting/interested and NOT wearing a ring. One could easily assume they are single. But quite often it turns out they are sambo with someone). Anyways, I pretty much wrote this header to get your attention. Glad it worked. Now I’m off to eat brunch with people I love. I have an ultra-exciting life. Stay tuned.

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One thought on “Today my boss told me he’s in love with me.

  1. Renato Golia says:

    not a nice way to grab traffic on your blog! šŸ˜›

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